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Social media branding for employers

Posted by Randstad Canada on Tue, May 08, 2012 @ 11:00 AM

describe the imageCreating a social environment and giving your employees the confidence and tools for online sharing can have a drastic impact on your Employer Brand.

In today’s connected business world, social media and employer branding go hand in hand. When an employee is proud and excited to work for a company, they can’t help but share that through social media! With the click of a button, an employee can share the good news about your company to friends, family and even the general public.

By facilitating positive Social Media Branding, your company increases employee loyalty and retention while attracting new pools of top talent. Your employee engagement sky rockets, as people share good news and information that positions them and your brand as thought leaders. Next thing you know, your company is no longer a faceless brand; the public will begin to see your brand as a collection of fun, interesting and talented people!

8 tips to increase your Employer Brand with Social Media

1. Put the proper corporate governance in place – Develop social media policies and documentation that doesn’t restrict or discourage employees as much as it provides a helpful framework that gives employees the confidence to engage.

2. Find out where your employees are – Survey your employees, are they using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, engaging in industry blogs or vertical social networks? Also look at the demographic of your workforce and where they are online. Click here to find out more about what the generations at work in Canada look like.

3. Stomp out the fear factor – Education and customized training helps employees understand how to manage their personal brand online and how they can best interact with and represent the company brand. As they become more adept at social media, they will naturally spread the word and identify other uses for social media that can help increase their productivity.

4. Leverage the power of your employee community – Are there social media contests you can leverage to engage more employees? Who are the power influencers online currently? Every company has them, how can you highlight and recognize them internally? Encourage your employees to connect with each other through social media.

5. Give great content – Test different types and formats of content to see what resonates the most with employees and the public, give them what they want. Make it fun, it shouldn’t all be company news, remember, even if it is not your brand’s content, if an employee shares it from your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account, your brand still appears in those feeds.

6. Make it easy for employees to share – Do you have social media share buttons in the right places? Yes your blog has them, but do your articles, press releases and even job postings all have them? And is it easy to follow your company?

7. Encourage engagement – When an employee likes a picture or comments on a press release, respond and engage. The employee will feel heard and excited that their voice has been acknowledged publicly.

8. Launch a blog – You have smart, talented employees that have a wealth of industry knowledge. Give employees the opportunity to share that knowledge to position themselves and your company as thought leaders.

Companies who are ahead of the curve have a chance to leverage the power of employer branding by empowering their workforce with social media. To find out more about Employer Branding and for a list of Canada’s most attractive employers visit randstadaward.ca.

By: Lauralee Guthrie

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