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Halifax IT Jobs Showing Strong Growth

Posted by Canadian Workforce Trends on Thu, Jul 12, 2012 @ 10:19 AM

Halifax demand 

Despite the current instability in world markets, Randstad Canada has noticed a steady growth in quarterly demand in Halifax. Ending the second quarter in 2012 with a high, Halifax is seeing an increase in demand of 90% when compared to the second quarter in 2011. Since Q2 2011, Randstad Canada has seen an average of 10% growth in demand in Halifax.  

Among the Randstad divisions operating in Halifax, our Engineering and Technology group has seen growth in demand in Q2 2012 over Q1 2012. Within our Engineering division, we saw a 50% increase in Q2 2012 from the previous quarter with increases in both, contract and permanent demand, 69% and 33% respectively. Within our Technologies division, we saw an 8% increase in Q2 2012 from the previous quarter with increases in both, contract and permanent demand, 8% and 16% respectively for Halifax IT jobs.

Michelle Murray, Branch Manager in Halifax’s Technologies division, says, “Here in Atlantic Canada, we have seen steady demand since fall of 2011. The growth is coming from both contract and permanent requirements, which is showing us the strength and investment in IT, new projects, upgrading systems, and expansion of teams. Two key trending areas have been web development as well as the surge of network upgrades with various roles associated to these areas which are in line with the trends across the country. Needless to say as demand increases for Halifax it jobs, the availability of supply and/or niche resources has changed which has increased our business.  Traditionally clients have contacted us for senior resources and they still do however we have been seeing demand for intermediate and some junior resources substantially increase. This is coming from the baby boomers starting to retire and lack of new graduates staying in Atlantic Canada and gaining their experience locally.”


Below is a list of roles in demand within each division of the two divisions in Q2 2012:

 Top Roles



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