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Preparing for A Job Interview: What Talent Shows Can Teach You

Posted by Mini Kolluri on Tue, Sep 11, 2012 @ 11:00 AM

Think about  it, interviewing for your dream job isn’t so different from auditioning for and competing in a TV talent show. Navigating a tough panel of interviewers and stiff competition is akin to wooing entertainment heavyweights and the voting public. So, when The Voice, The X Factor and Dancing With the Stars hit your TV screens this September, let the contestants help you in preparing for a job interview.

Notice how they do the following:

Matt Cardle X Factor Live 375

1.    Distinguish yourself from the crowd: To stand out and be chosen, performers cannot rely on talent alone, after all in showbiz, like in the corporate world, personal branding, passion and the right temperament are amply rewarded. One of the most successful strategies tends to be a combination of talent, confidence and dressing sharp.

This strategy comes handy while preparing for a job interview as well. Don't be afraid to give the interviewers a glimpse of you – your aspirations, your work ethic and what you stand for. Remember, subject knowledge can only take you so far!

2.    Make the right pitch: Contestants who understand the pulse of the voters and judges do phenomenally well. This applies to your job search too. Over the span of your career, you’ve accumulated a range of knowledge, experiences and accomplishments. Tailoring your pitch and your answers to fit the job and company is one of the best ways to show interviewers your keen interest in the position. Also, don’t forget to ask questions that demonstrate your understanding and research.

3.    Stomach criticism and stay positive: We all know that reality show judges can be a tad too dramatic! That said, even real-life interviewers can be intimidating. As they test you to see how you perform under stress and pressure, remember to remain calm, regroup yourself and maintain eye contact. Put your best foot forward and stay positive no matter the question or situation.

4.    Show your willingness to learn: Some contestants that make the cut are not as technically sound as the others. What keeps them in the game is their enthusiasm and desire to improve. The same can be said for many job interviews as well.

5.    Work with your peers and coaches: As many contestants have learned through the course of the show,there are many things you can do to demonstrate that you are a team player during your interview. Be respectful of your former bosses – Employers tend to be wary of candidates that blame their previous employers for their shortcomings. Also, give examples of teams you have been a part of and teams you have led.

While preparing for a job interview, remember that almost all candidates called for the interview are likely to have the minimum qualifications. Show the right attitude and you might just give yourself the edge you need to tip the scales in your favour!