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LinkedIn Job Search Strategy


Now that you have a stellar profile (be sure to read our LinkedIn Profile Tips post first, if you haven’t already) you are ready to actively increase your visibility and engage. Consider the strategies and techniques below to help find your dream job.

LinkedIn job search strategy

Find the right recruiter

When it comes to finding a job, a recruitment consultant can be a tremendous help to you when it comes to all of the “heavy lifting”. They know which companies are hiring, what employers are looking for, and will even prep a candidate for an interview. But how do you go about finding the right recruiter for you?

  1. Research the top recruitment agencies.

    There are many out there! Randstad Canada is the largest recruitment agency in the country and the only one that has been awarded the “Great Places to Work” award (but of course I work here, so I’m a bit biased!).

  2. Find their company page on LinkedIn.

    You can continue your LinkedIn job search by browsing the company’s directory. Take a look at their recent updates, is there an opportunity for you to comment, like or share one? Click here for the Randstad Canada LinkedIn page as an example.

  3. Review the “How You’re Connected” section.

    You will see all of the people in your network that work for that company. You may even find you have a friend or past colleague that works at the recruitment agency! Call them up or contact them to see if they have a few minutes, ask if there is someone they can refer you to in your area of specialty.

  4. Search for people by getting creative.

    For example, you can run an advanced search for the word “recruiter” or “hr” or “IT recruiter” with the company name to further research recruiters you may want to connect with.

Leverage the power of the LinkedIn community.

  1. Join targeted groups.

    linkedin job search

    Find the right groups to join by searching the LinkedIn Group Directory. But remember to review the group stats before committing in order to make sure the right people are in the group. Are you looking to network with senior decision makers? What industry? You can find out what the makeup of the group is (even if it is a private group) by clicking on the group statistics. These groups will allow you to network with other people in your industry, people in your job role, and even recruiters.

  2. Ask and answer questions.

    By helping others and answering questions in your industry, you position yourself as a subject matter expert and increase your credibility. Similarly, when you ask intelligent questions, you are are able to engage in thoughtful dialogue with industry experts and prospective employers.

Engage with your network. LinkedIn Signal is an excellent tool to see what people are talking about in your network, and even outside of your network. This is an excellent tool you can use to join conversations or like, comment and share targeted content.

Job seekers – What NOT to do on LinkedIn!

Do not, I repeat, do not write anything along the lines of ”Unemployed” in your headline, no “Looking for work”, “Seeking the next opportunity” - or anything even remotely similar. This is a red flag to recruiters. It may be interpreted as “I was just fired” or “No one wants to hire me.”


Click here for more tips on how to build a good LinkedIn profile.

By Lauralee Guthrie

apply to jobs now


I’ll just put it out there: I don’t like the concept of job search. I vote for the term being eliminated from our lexicon, and replace with “job find.” How would it feel if the right people and the right opportunities came to you? I’m not talking about magic. I’m talking about positioning yourself the right way so that you attract those right opportunities. Magnetizing your audience and magnetizing your opportunities is the next secret to successful LinkedIn job search.  
Most candidates are currently doing the opposite of magnetizing. Think about this: going uphill is hard, right? Pushing a boulder while you’re going uphill would be even harder, no? All that pushing is what most people do in the job search. You’re pushing yourself out there, blasting your resume out to companies, and bothering recruiters you don’t really know, who are likely not in an industry relevant to you, and who don’t know of anything open for which you could be a match. Instead, magnetize. Attract. Position and optimize your LinkedIn profile so that when employers and recruiters search for someone with your particular brand of expertise, you appear high in the search results. We have a full presentation on how to magnetize in our free webinar 
Magnetizing, instead of pushing, is critically important for several reasons. First, the recruiter initially approaching you will likely spark a much more beneficial scenario than you approaching him. The person’s not approaching you just to chat. He’s selecting you because he thinks you may be a match for an open opportunity he has right now. Second, the entire act of magnetizing is simply empowering. Gone are the feelings of frustration, repeatedly being ignored, and continually getting rejected. Instead, the right recruiters seek you out.  
So create your account 
Posted @ Saturday, June 29, 2013 12:22 AM by Mir Asraful Alam
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