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Employee Gift Ideas: Bosses take note, your staff wants a gift this holiday season!


Here’s how to deliver.
Gift Box

When it comes to corporate gift-giving over the holidays, it’s better to be a Santa than a Scrooge. The latest Randstad Workmonitor survey finds that 41 per cent percent of Canadian workers would like a gift from their employer this holiday season.

The survey which questioned employees from 32 countries around the world found that over four out of ten (45%) Canadian employees normally receive a gift of their employer, which is similar to the number of Canadian workers that expect to receive one this year (41%).

It is undeniable that holiday gifts play a broader role in improving the culture of an organization and below are just a couple of the benefits of employee gift ideas for the holidays:

• Tokens of an organization’s appreciation, even small ones, can have a big impact on employee morale and productivity.

• Corporate holiday gifts can help companies build and extend brand loyalty, foster stronger relationships and thank employees for a year of great work.

Now, are you wondering what you can give that will help lead to retention and employee satisfaction? It’s not hard to suggest the ever-popular choices which include a holiday bonus or gift cards, but what if your employees have worked hard and have done a fabulous job and you still can’t afford to give them bonuses, raises or gift cards? Consider giving gifts that are low cost to your business.

• If you decide that your business isn’t financially ready to give gifts, consider a hand-written note to your employees, thanking them for their hard work and service to the company. Often a gift like a personal note can mean a great deal to your staff.

• Telecommuting can be cost free for many organizations (most employees already have their own high speed internet connections at home and companies already have established capabilities for logging in from home). Allowing people to work from home once a week, or twice a month over the holidays can improve morale at little cost. Can you offer them a discount or special price on a product or service? Offer them something they can use to their advantage to start the new year.

• A donation to a local charity in the company’s name would be a rewarding alternative to traditional gifts like candy or branded office supplies.

• Whatever the gift is for employees, the most important thing is show them appreciation and gratitude for their work during the year. Remember, your business wouldn’t be where it is today without your employees.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to give back and show your staff that you appreciate them in a unique way is a great way to strengthen employee engagement and better satisfaction in 2013.

Do you usually give holiday gifts to your employees? Or are you an employee who receives holiday gifts from your employer? If so, what's the best or most unusual gift you've given/gotten? Let us know!

By Dayana Fraser

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Great article with lots of relevant and workable tips on employee reward and recognition, not just for the holiday season but all year round. One of the best performing and respected managers I ever worked alongside gave every team member a hand written card at Christmas. The note always made mention of some piece of work or project that the individual had excelled at within the year, the manager noted these events through the year.
Posted @ Friday, December 21, 2012 5:16 AM by Frank W.
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Posted @ Thursday, February 21, 2013 3:21 PM by Betty Seu
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