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Temporary Workers for the Holidays: How To Cope With Seasonal Labour Shortages

Posted by Dayana Fraser on Tue, Dec 25, 2012 @ 07:22 PM

As the holiday spirit takes over, shoppers loosen their purse strings to spread joy to their near and dear. While the resulting seasonal increase in demand could be the perfect opportunity for your business to increase its bottom line, chances are that the strain on resources and the tight non-negotiable deadlines are also causing some stress. But fret not! Hiring Temporary Shoppersworkers and implementing the following strategies can help you meet targets, motivate your staff and keep your customers happy this Holiday season - All you have to do is try a creative approach! To help you in your efforts, we have outlined some strategies below that will help you cope with the pressures of the peak season.

1. Hiring temporary staff:

While there may be the temptation to keep costs low and to restrict hiring, remember that the reputation of the company is at stake. In the long run it pays off to keep your customers happy.

Hiring temps allows you to  fill in positions requiring specialized knowledge on a temporary basis. They also relieve your staff from routine tasks so they can focus on the bigger picture and assume more responsibility. Hiring temporary seasonal workers is also a good way to test out potential permanent hires.

2. Switch to a project/campaign-based mentality:

Treat the task at hand like you would a campaign or high-priority project. Keep your eyes on the deadline and deliverables and chart a course of action that is practical and leaves room for contingencies. Use visual representation such as a Gantt chart to make scheduling, phasing and tracking of the project easier and more effective.

Once the plan of action is determined, remind yourself and your team that execution is the key to success! Deadlines and targets should be treated as sacrosanct and the end goal must be pursued with zeal.

3. Temporarily increase responsibilities of current staff:

Not only will temporarily increasing the responsibilities of deserving employees make them feel valued, it will also make them feel like they have a greater stake in the success of the project. Increased accountability and better morale are likely to result in an infectious enthusiasm that will drastically increase the chances of meeting seasonal demand.

You’ll find that long after the deadline has been met, employees who were asked to undertake additional or more complex tasks (even on a temporary basis) will benefit from the experience they gained.

Consider these tips  when dealing with seasonal labour shortages and end 2012 with resounding success!

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