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Summer Employment: Are You A Student Planning On Working This Summer?

Posted by Daniel Ecclestone on Tue, Feb 12, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

College and university students who want to get a jump start in their careers, may be considering some sort of summer employment. Whether you prefer an internship program or even a part-time job, both can boost your chances of finding success after graduation. Sure a nice new diploma or degree looks great on your resume, but it’s the work experience employers are looking for.

Students summer jobs

Although it's almost the middle of February and a new semester has already started, now is the best time to look for  summer jobs. Many employers have already begun their search for potential summer employees. This is why looking in January and February will increase your chances of getting a summer internship or job compared to looking in April or May when jobs become scarce. It can also become difficult for students to juggle exam priorities with job hunting. Don’t miss your opportunity. If you’re planning on working this summer, let Randstad Canada help you find summer employment. In the meantime, here are some tips that can help you land that summer internship or job.


Network strategically

It has become increasingly common for businesses to ditch  paper resumes in favor of electronic ones. This means face-to-face contact with managers or other employers is hard to come by, and it’s those human interactions that make all the difference when landing a job. Learn to make technology work in your favor. Check out corporate social media pages and research the people and company on LinkedIn. Ask if they offer any internship opportunities and let them know you’re very interested. But if you still favor the old fashioned approach, there are many people to choose from to help begin your networking journey. Parents and professors are a great starting point for networking.

Pursue a passion

Don’t just apply to anything; apply for positions that appeal to you, whether in politics, marketing, accounting, etc.. When an employer sees your passion and interest during the first interview, they will take that into consideration when making the final decision.

Research all of your options 

There may be that one company you dream to work for, but don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen. Therefore, it is important to apply to other firms that offer the same experience.You’ll be glad you did.

Study the firm before the big interview

Learn everything you can about the company. If you are planning on working for a prestigious bank, professional business attire is recommended when showing up for an interview. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to read up on new trends to show you have knowledge and interest in the industry; you never know what questions the employer may bring up in the interview.

Search the web

Job search banks (Like Randstad Canada’s for instance) may already contain job postings for potential employees to fill positions.

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All in all, finding summer employment is a great way to gain valuable work experience that employers find attractive on your resume. Strategic networking and company background information can help tremendously when looking for a job in an increasingly competitive working environment. Also, searching for those summer employment opportunities now can improve your chances finding available positions before they become limited.


Good luck!


By Daniel Ecclestone


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