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Personal Branding Tips: How to Learn from Celebrities

Posted by Erica Tin on Tue, Feb 19, 2013 @ 11:06 AM

Tina Fey You see their faces all the time, in television ads, newspapers, and commercials. You may have judged their personalities, passions, and interests based on their events and work choices. Now, you wonder, how did their brand identities become so prominent in your mind?

How did these celebrities become well-known for what they’re well-known for? They developed a personal brand and leveraged it to their advantage in a business capacity. Having a personal brand reflects who you are as a person, how you perceive yourself, and how others perceive you. It is composed of both personal and professional skills and qualities that differentiate you from others.

With these personal branding tips, you can create your own personal brand to use to your advantage.

1. Understand your attributes

Start with understanding yourself. Celebrities don’t achieve success without realizing what they do well, and what qualities they can use to represent themselves. If you don’t know what your attributes are, it is difficult to convince others to buy into your brand.

You need to know what your passions are and where your strengths lie. This can be done through a 360 degree assessment, where you ask your friends, colleagues, family members, etc. about what they believe your strengths and weaknesses are. You must then decide what you can offer others, based on these strengths and passions. What personal characteristics do you have that will aid this process? This forms the basis of your personal brand.

2. Constantly update and interact

In order to maintain their fans’ interest, celebrities attend interviews, signings, and events when they can. They also interact with fans through social media. This way, their brand stays current in the mind of the audience. You can do this too by leaving comments on blog pieces you find interesting and interacting with industry leaders on social media.

To help establish credibility, use social media to constantly update blog posts you created and relevant news articles you want to share. You should also regularly attend networking events, where you can engage and interact face-to-face with potential hiring managers or successful business people.

3. Become recognized for what your brand stands for

Celebrities with strong personal brands become highly sought after for what their brand represents. For example, having an athletic identity may allow them to endorse sport shoes, clothes, or drinks. Or being known as an environmental activist will see them invited to charity events for environmental causes.

You can position yourself as an expert in what your brand stands for, and get job offers or speaking opportunities from people looking specifically for what you have to offer. But this only comes from constantly updating your online presence and interacting with your audience.

4. Tailor your brand to the audience

Just as celebrities may branch out and try out different types of work, different qualities of their personal brand must be emphasized to appeal to different audiences. While creative skills may be helpful in being seen as a fashion designer, this quality may not be helpful to an aspiring actor. Likewise, if you are changing industries or trying out different kinds of opportunities, you will need to highlight certain skills or qualities in your job search. Make sure to update your brand to reflect your current experiences.

Finally, it is important to note that what makes this strategy successful is carrying over your personal characteristics into a business role. It requires consistent management, but comes with undeniable rewards.

By Erica Tin