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Employment Agencies: Why You Should Demand more!

Posted by Cherry Peng on Tue, Mar 12, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

What you can and should expect from a recruiting firm.

Employment Agency

In today’s hectic business climate, organizations devote a lot of time and resources to getting value for dollar. What, they ask, is the best way to focus on core business objectives without getting entangled in peripheral, time-consuming matters?

Some organizations decide to outsource essential services that are not at the core of their business, such as recruitment and hiring.  Using the services of professional employment agencies may not only save money, it may also optimize your company’s chances to make the right hiring decisions. After all, your staff, your “human assets” are the source of your company’s greatest competitive strengths.

So how do you choose?

Much like buying a new pair of jeans, proper “fit” is essential. A top-rated recruiting firm will understand your business, your culture, and your competitors. They will have access to top-rated candidates in your field and will develop a real recruitment and on-boarding process that is clearly defined and respects both your company’s time and need for results.

What can you expect?

Substandard recruiting will simply ask you to provide job descriptions and salary ranges, and then pester you to interview the candidates they put forward. Or, they may take an even easier route and just match some key words and email you a lot of resumes. If you have specific questions about these candidates and their expertise, these firms will rarely know enough about them to respond honestly.

A top level firm will invest the time to find ideal candidates. They will be able to excite and motivate the best candidates and screen out the ones that aren’t a good fit. And additionally, they will serve as a good “brand ambassador” for your company. Keep in mind, candidates will associate the recruitment process with your company, as much as with the recruitment firm you’ve chosen so at the very least, you want the employment agency’s  reputation to equal yours.

What should you demand?

A top rated recruiter will understand your organization and its requirements well enough to identify the “perfect” candidates and understand why they would want the job. They will conduct all necessary due diligence and truly understand the candidates they put forward and their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Once you find a recruiter that truly commits to you and does those things, you are more than half way there.  Your relationship with your recruiting firm is truly a partnership and will require your full participation. For those that commit, you will get truly great employees who really “fit in” and it will be an efficient, cost-effective, and enjoyable process for everyone involved.

By Chris Welsh

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