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Smartphone's are Helping Match Job-seekers to Jobs

Posted by Victoria Ross on Tue, Jun 04, 2013 @ 01:07 PM

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By Victoria Ross

Mobile technology has rapidly expanded with the creation of Smartphones. The introduction of mobile applications that cover anything and everything, from entertainment to helping people manage their personal and professional lives have allowed society to become more efficient and constantly connected.

This type of efficiency is beginning to be harnessed by companies who seek a more modern way of attracting potential employees.

People and their Smartphones 

People are now accustomed to using their phones 24/7, whether they are on their way to work or out with their friends. For those who dislike their jobs, constant internet access makes it easy to quickly research other opportunities. This steady flow of content means candidates are more quickly exposed to new job openings as the time constraints of traditional search methods are no longer a factor in the job seeking process.

Mobile Applications for Job-Seekers 

 Randstad recognizes the benefits of mobile job-searching for both potential employees and recruiters. In the next year, Randstad will implement new technology that will allow job seekers to apply to jobs via their mobile devices and be alerted when new jobs are posted.

Randstad Technology 

Lauralee Guthrie, Digital and Social Media director at Randstad Canada, explains why developing for mobile devices is not a choice anymore. 'The growth in smartphone users has been phenomenal and is changing the way we do business. There is a growing need to manage a flexible and remote workforce and peope are used to accessing information on demand. no matter where they are. You might search for your next job while you are waiting in the grocery line. It's not a question anymore of if are you going to develop for mobile but when." 

With Randstad Canada’s mobile traffic up by 150% since last year, there is a potential goldmine for recruiters. At the touch of a recruiter’s fingertips, they can have access to an enlarged talent pool that is pre-screened for their convenience.

Mobile technology has undeniably changed the world of work for the better. Mobile applications geared towards job seekers have the potential to improve employment rates as the visibility and accessibility of various jobs are available to anyone from any profession. Randstad’s app development efforts will only improve the communication between employer and potential employee.

Mobile tools are helping people work smarter and in turn creating a smarter workforce in tune with modern technology. 

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