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Find A Job With Twitter

Posted by Lauralee Guthrie on Tue, Jul 02, 2013 @ 10:07 AM


describe the imageFind a Job with Twitter

Twitter started out as a way for people to follow what friends, family and celebrities were doing, often on a moment-by-moment basis. While it's still a great connection tool, Twitter has also morphed itself into a real-time news channel and a valuable resource for job seekers and the companies that want to hire them. 

Those job hunters who make an effort to find a job with Twitter may have a distinct advantage over their fellow candidates.



 Hashtags Rule

While it doesn't seem like much, that little number sign followed by a specific word or phrase has a lot of search power. When you type in something like #seekingajob, you've created a mini search tool that can yield impressive results. Once everyone in your network knows that you're trying to find a job with Twitter, they can keep their eyes open for positions within their own companies and elsewhere and let you know about them. It's the ultimate 30-second networking tool!

More good news is that recruiters and hiring managers also use hashtag searches to find available candidates. A valuable one to know is #hirefriday which, as the name says, is used every Friday by companies to find anyone who's used that in a Tweet. Other hashtag searches used by hiring companies include #jobs #jobposting, #recruiting, #hiring, #interviewing, #career_fair and more.


To help hiring managers find you, here are some of the many hashtag searches to incorporate into your Tweets:

  • #employment
  • #wantajob
  • #financejob (or whatever specialty you offer)
  • #jobsearch
  • #resume

If you use the last bullet in this list, make sure you include a URL shortening tool to link to your resume in the Tweet. Remember that your hashtag terms should be something that both hiring companies and your network would use as searches if you want them to find you.

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Follow The Leader

Seek out and follow the leaders of your industry or the leaders and recruiting executives of the companies you'd like to work for, as they will probably post information that includes job openings. Once you connect, be subtle. Retweet information you think they might find interesting or pose well-developed questions about the company or the industry in general.


Find ways to show them that you know your stuff so that you become a valuable asset that they'll want in the organization. As a side note, don’t “overtweet” them, no need to look desperate! Keep your posts to less than 2-3/week for each person.


Job Search Hashtag Chats

Hashtag chats are organized, regular conversations on Twitter than anyone can join, follow, and participate in. These chats generally occur on a repeating day, week or month so participants know when to join in.

Two great chats for those who want to find a job with Twitter are #jobhuntchat and Hire Friday's #hfchat. These chats let you connect with various industry experts and Human Resources staff that can make you aware of jobs as well as help with your resume and cover letter.

If your industry has regular conferences, find out the conference hashtag so you can participate in discussions, particularly if you can't get to the actual conference.


Google has a very helpful online spreadsheet that lists active Twitter hashtag chats so you can find the specific job search and industry chat topics that will be the most helpful in your search. Also check out the site http://www.twitjobsearch.com, which is a dedicated job search engine just for Twitter that you can use online or on your smartphone. You simply type in the job or industry you're looking for and the site does the rest.


Once you know the right search criteria and hashtag phrasing, it's easier than ever to find a job with Twitter. You can also search the latest Canadian jobs at randstad.ca


Good luck! And if you have other tips, thoughts or questions, comment below.


Lauralee Guthrie

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