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3 Tips for men and women on interview attire

Posted by James Rubec on Wed, Jan 01, 2014 @ 07:32 AM

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2014 Job Hunt Check list Series – Work attire

To start off the new year and get your job hunt started well we’ve produced a series and checklist for you to follow, this is the first instalment of this series on proper interview attire. 

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    Different offices have different dress codes; suits are always a good call.


    1. Suit up: A safe bet is to suit up, with a nice pair dress shoes. Depending on the city you live in, the industry that you are trying to enter you can get away with a dress shirt and fitted slacks of some sort, likewise depending on the position you are applying for ties, and jackets are always necessary. If this is your first job, and you are applying at a large company, be respectful and wear a suit. No one will judge you for being overdressed; pretend it is your first day on the job. This applies for anyone; suits will open doors for you.
    2. Shoes make the man: If you can afford to wear a new pair of shoes. Nothing can make you feel more confident than a new pair dress shoes on my feet, confidence counts for a lot. If you have an older pair of dress shoes, consider having them polished professionally, or watch this awesome Youtube video on polishing your shoes yourself.
    3. To Tie or not to Tie: Know your audience, when you are being invited to an interview ask who will be attending. This way you’ll be able to Google them and find out what they look like and what they wear, plus it is never a bad idea to know who you are going to sit down in front of. A tie is customary, but not always required. If you are sitting down in front of two men who are older than you, wearing a tie is a sign of respect and you don’t want to be the only guy in the room with an open collar.


    For women this is more complicated and less simple to describe. Forbes produced a great list of the top fashion blogs for female professionals, you can check that our here. 
    Styles change all of the time, and it is hard to pinpoint what is and isn’t work attire these days. But here are a few key points.

    1. Suit up. Yes: There are a lot of options for full suiting for women that are affordable, attractive and comfortable. Work wear for women is by-and large more affordable than for men, and comes in more creative styles, so explore your closet and consider buying a blazer that highlights something you already own. You can still showcase your personal style while wearing modern female suiting
    2. Yoga Pants. No: Yoga pants are a non-starter unless worn as tights. No matter how nice they look and how comfortable they are they are not work attire unless you are working in an athletic store or yoga studio. While yoga pants are a definite no, flats are acceptable. If you aren’t comfortable in heels you don’t have to wear them.
    3. Shoulders and neckline: There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing your arms, but be careful when you are nearing your shoulder line, it is a bold statement. Same goes for your neckline; a nice necklace hung across a bare neck can frame your face really well, but be sensible.


    What are you wearing to work? Share your best outfits with us on Twitter and show off your style. @RandstadCanada



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