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Majority of Canadians Didn't Expect a Holiday Bonus in 2013: Randstad

Posted by James Rubec on Thu, Jan 02, 2014 @ 05:16 PM



Majority of Canadians Didn't Expect a Holiday Bonus in 2013: Randstad

Nearly half spent the holidays thinking about their jobs

There seemed to be few Canadian Clark Griswolds banking on receiving a holiday bonus this past year. According to Randstad Canada’s most recent WorkMonitor survey, only one-in-three (37%) Canadians expect to receive a bonus from their employer rewarding their hard work during 2013 – a full 11% lower than the worldwide average.

Taking a look around the globe, workers in the majority of countries within Asia (73.5%) are expecting a bonus this year, with Hong Kong (85%) having the highest expectations globally. Workers in Latin America are also hopeful of a nice year-end reward, with over three-quarters (77%) expecting their employers to provide them with a bonus. Only one-in-ten (11%) of employees in Switzerland expect a bonus this holiday season.

But considering Canadians are expecting less financial rewards from their employers, are employers expecting their workers to reward themselves with added downtime during the holidays? According to the survey, one-in-four (23%) Canadian workers feel they are still required to be available 24/7 while on holiday vacation –which can come at a high cost. This is a particularly concerning figure given that estimates state that work overload accounts for $3 billion in lost revenue annually due to absenteeism, and nearly $6 billon in health care costs or usage of benefits.

“We keep a close eye on how Canadians are feeling in their jobs and looking at 2013, many Canadians are definitely burning the candle at both ends," says Tom Turpin, President, Randstad Canada. “A lack of relaxation both physically and virtually will eventually take its toll and isn’t good for either the employee’s health and wellbeing, or the company’s bottom line."

Employer expectations aren’t the only reason why many Canadians aren’t taking advantage of what should be considered downtime. Two-in-five (41%) of Canadians plan to proactively check in with the workplace during the holidays to stay informed, while another three-in-ten (29%) say they can’t resist reading their work email continuously during the holidays.

Although some Canadians feel the need to stay continuously connected to their email, they aren’t feeling the pressure as much as those in Turkey (63%), China (58%) and Japan (56%).

“For many places around the globe, speaking about overworking has become a form of boasting, and tends to be applauded with a nice pat on the back, “says Turpin. “But the reality is that when you have so many Canadian workers that feel they need to remain connected 100% of the time, the mentality will eventually catch-up, resulting in poor work-life balance and potentially employee burnout and talent loss.”


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