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3 - Intriguing questions I'll ask at DX3

Posted by James Rubec on Mon, Mar 03, 2014 @ 12:25 PM

3-Intriguing questions I'll ask at DX3

dx3 image resized 600Mobile development is the future of program development, use, e-commerce and work tracking. The ubiquity of powerful handheld devices has made immediate data collection, sharing and interaction with each other, with brands, our colleagues and partners so simple we forget how ground breaking it is.

Only 10-years ago answering an email on your phone was tough if not impossible. Think about how easy it is to reply to a candidate, or to a job offer with a quick flip through your web browser on your phone. You don’t need to rush back anywhere to say, yes, to the job.

This week in Toronto, Ontario, is Canada’s largest conference on mobile development, it is called DX3. Randstad Canada is a sponsor this year, so come out and visit us and meet one of our technologies recruiters.

What does this mean for your job search, how companies will interact with you in the future and how you can use your phone to get more out life?

3-Intriguing questions I hope to answer at DX3

  1. Job search: Where could this go? Are we going to set up the Google Goggles app so you can visually see which companies are hiring for where? Would that even help a job hunter? Today where you can apply to jobs through your phone on Linkedin’s app, or Randstad Canada’s own site (which has gone mobile if you’re on your phone you should check it out). May be the question is, how can job searching and application catch up to the rest of technologies, where people with the right skills can be more easily connected to employers in need?

  2. Brand interaction and purchasing:  DX3 is featuring the Retail Collective, which is looking deeply at how people will make purchases in the future from online sales to instore purchases. for the past five years we’ve been able to pay for things with our phones. It is only start to accelerate to mass market appeal recently. If you can pay your bills from you smartphone, accept payments in store with an iPad and track all of your purchases using RF tags in store when will we stop needing a wallet?

  3. Digital self-tracking: There are many upsides to carrying a geo-locating-bank-camera in your pocket. If you want to see how physically active you are, or track every calorie you intake, your phone can help you do that these days. What are the potential downsides to this? We can quantify every human interaction, track it on a map, we can take images over every moment. Today we identify with our digital representations of ourselves as much as our physical entities. The question for an employer is what impact does the digital self-make on the actual self when it comes to capability, self-promotion and their promotion of their employer brand? Will companies begin hiring based on follower counts and what would that mean?

Are you going to DX3, say hi to our team on the floor or connect with us on Twitter @RandstadCanada

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