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7 Tips to Becoming an Employer of Choice

Posted by Dayana Fraser on Thu, Apr 17, 2014 @ 05:36 AM

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7 Tips to Becoming an Employer of Choice

by Elena Candeloro, Talent Acquisition Manager, Randstad Canada


At Randstad Canada, earning a spot as a “Best Place to Work in Canada” by the Great Place to Work ® Institute Canada for the 8th year in a row is a pretty important cool for us. What makes this win so important to us is that the results were determined by the people who know our company best – our employees!

After 8 consecutive wins, it’s quite an honour and it’s become crystal clear that we indeed have a lot to be proud of. Ranked amongst the top 50 in the country, next to impressive multinational organizations like Google, Microsoft and Starbucks, this announcement solidifies that Randstad Canada is truly a great place to work.

Best workplace lists and accolades make it clear that being a good employer is good for business, but becoming a top-rated employer is not a matter of chance. The best employers know that they benefit from their reputation and they make decisions every day to ensure that their status as a great place to work is maintained.

Becoming an employer of choice isn’t easy. It means taking an honest look at your organization’s culture and having a clear idea of what you want it to become. That may result in acknowledging some difficult truths and making internal changes. But the rewards are hard to overstate. You’ll boast the best workers, performing their best work, all while positively impacting your business’ bottom line.

So what can you do as an organization in order to gain recognition as a top employer? While there is no magic formula, the following tips will set you on the right path towards becoming an employer of choice.

Figure out what it’s really like to work for your company and then identify the good and bad.

  1. Look at your competition and see what they are doing. Take note of what works and what doesn't.

  2. Position your brand by identifying your target audience and knowing, and giving, today's employees what they want. To help you with that task, Randstad Canada conducts yearly research probing what it is Canadian’s look for in an employer. You can download the material here. (hyperlink to Randstad Award research doc)

  3. You can also use exit interviews, employee focus groups and stay interviews to establish your brand reputation. They will allow you to gauge employee perceptions and allow them to openly discuss what is and isn't working for them.

  4. Determine the attributes of your company and sell your strengths to potential candidates. Attracting and retaining people who share the same values as your company and brand will result in a higher level of employee loyalty.

  5. Use employee referral programs. Employees who refer friends and colleagues to your company clearly think your company is worth working for.

  6. Social Responsibility. Many people want to feel that they’re doing good. As an organization you can recycle, partner with a charity, and engage in fundraising activities. At Randstad, for example, employees are given one full work day per calendar year to volunteer at the non-profit organization of their choice. The possibilities are endless.

Randstad Canada, a great place to work!

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