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About The Speakers: Why JAVA Will Never Die

Posted by James Rubec on Mon, May 19, 2014 @ 02:41 PM

About The Speakers: Why JAVA Will Never Die

Leo Meyerovich, Founder of Graphistry Inc.Why JAVA Will Never Die

Leo Meyerovich is a technologies entrepreneur, academic and innovator working on the leading edge of Big Data. A lot of people are talking about big data, but not many can actually work with it. Leo is one of the few who can translate numbers into tangible benefits and his research will help you understand developers, programming languages and how to recruit the best.

Leo Meyerovich co-founded Graphistry, Inc., a startup that improves real-time visual exploration and analysis of graph and time series data. The big idea is to deliver next-generation visual interaction on the browser with 2-5 magnitudes more data than normally possible by introducing GPU cloud infrastructure. Graphistry is working with pilot customers to improve visibility in customer transactions, web-scale software performance, and other graph and time series data sources.

Previously, Leo researched programming language design and implementation at UC Berkeley (Ph.D. 2013) and Brown University (BS 2007). His language research over the past decade focused on applications towards parallelization, sociology, security, concurrency, and the web. His PhD introduced the first multicore web browser (3 PLDI SRC awards) in order to achieve large-scale  improvements in performance-per-Watt on small devices. It was a precursor to recent parallel browser projects by Mozilla, Samsung, Google, Microsoft Research, and Qualcomm, and led to Graphistry's GPU technology. Leo led the largest scale analysis of programming language adoption and its social underpinnings (OOPSLA best paper) and, with security researchers at Google, Microsoft, and Brown University, designed several secure web scripting languages (400+ citations).

His BS at Brown University (2007) introduced the functional reactive language Flapjax for highly concurrent web software (OOPSLA best paper) and lit the path for popular frameworks by Microsoft, Facebook, and others. He was supported by the first Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship (winner among 50 Ph.D. teams at Berkeley and Stanford), the NSF GRFP, and grants from Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Intel, and others.

 The Socio-PLT project (joint work with Ari Rabkin from Princeton) was featured by Wired, received an OOPSLA best paper award, triggered a DARPA ISAT workshop in 2013, and marks the shift towards a scientific approach to the social design of language technology.

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