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4 Reasons JAVA Will Never Die

Posted by James Rubec on Tue, May 20, 2014 @ 01:21 PM

4 reasons

What made JAVA such a popular language?

When you look at the IT recruitment landscape, certain skills and languages rise above the rest.  JAVA development is currently the most recruited for IT skill, but do you know why?

It isn’t because JAVA is the best language or easy to write. It is because it ties into everything and has been used for a long time – it is a universal medium.

But how did that happen? What will come next and who are the people who will develop the tools and products that the IT industry will use in the coming years?

4 Reasons JAVA Will Never Die

It is still growing: Through Randstad Canada’s internal numbers, we have tracked that demand for JAVA developers has been growing month over month and  year after year. Between Q1 of 2013 and Q2 of 2014, demand for JAVA has increased by 83%, which is amazing considering how JAVA is almost 20-years old. Thank you Oracle.

It integrates old systems with new ones and is used everywhere: Whether a client is building a customer relations management system, a mobile app, or a database, JAVA is versatile. It has gotten this way by being so widely used.

It has an amazing community: Its use has made it flexible and the community  has invested a great deal of time into it. The network effects of strong development communities sharing ideas, materials and code on platforms like Github and Sourceforge only make the language stronger.

More senior IT Managers know JAVA – they can vet others’ work: It is easy to see how a newspaper editor can vet a reporter’s work, but the same needs to be done in programming. If a developer is writing in a language that their manager is new to or has never seen before, how can a manager figure out what the code will do, or fix it if it is broken? JAVA is robust enough that it can do almost anything new, or old –  despite any iterations, managers can have a strong frame of reference around what code is being written by their teams.

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