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Calgary’s hottest jobs: part 1

Posted by James Rubec on Tue, Jun 24, 2014 @ 12:55 PM

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Calgary’s hottest jobs: Part 1

When you think of Calgary, what jobs do you think are in highest demand? In the land of the Calgary Stampede and the Alberta Oil Sands the answers might surprise you. While the Oil and Gas industry is hot and continues to drive both the local and national economy the industries and companies supporting the resources sector are booming too.

The City of Calgary projects growth in almost every industry; with a population boom and no slow down the world’s demand for oil it is easy to see why.

Reach truck or forklift drivers

The warehousing and transportation industry in Calgary has seen impressive growth as companies ship materials to and from work sites and to support the city’s growing population.

It is projected by the Government of Canada that Calgary’s Transportation and Warehousing sector will see an growth of 13.5% between 2014-2018. This aligns well against the massive increase in companies that the region saw between 2009-2013; when the city saw its Transportation and Warehousing sector grow in number of companies by over 23%.

Forklift driver jobs are abundant and for workers looking for a pay increase and a new city to grow in, Calgary’s job market couldn’t be hotter.


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Administrative assistants

The Calgary Economic Development Forecasts 15% growth in the business services sector between 2014 and 2018. Supporting the professional services industry, like the financial industry which is projected to grow by 13.6% in the same period are business support professionals like administrative assistants and executive assistants.

These roles are important to inter-organizational efficacy and the productivity of large teams working in the professional space.

Electrical engineers

Extracting resources out of the ground, through mining, or steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) requires precise tools and custom machinery. On top of that is process for refining those raw materials that requires further measurement and adjustment.

Electrical Engineers are important in every stage of resource extraction and refinement. Monitoring the machines that make oil and gas refining possible and even power generation the transmission and distribution of the power itself requires teams of engineers.

Electrical Engineer Jobs are available in many fields, like manufacturing which is projected to grow by 13.8% between 2014-2018, the utilities sector which may grow by 13.5% and the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services Industry which saw strong sustained growth between 2009-2013 with grow in number of companies over 17.8%.

Why is Calgary's job market so hot?

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