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Posted by Jan Hein Bax on Tue, Mar 20, 2012 @ 11:00 AM


Welcome to the Randstad Canada Employment blog!

As I write this first post I find myself feeling encouraged and excited - this blog is the start of something great!

This blog will feature timely articles about Canada’s ever-changing employment landscape along with useful advice for employers, and job and search tips for job seekers. We will also actively discuss and comment on the relevant industry news and changes that impact us all.

At Randstad Canada we understand that even as things change, our guiding principles always remain the same.

I have worked for Randstad for many years and one of the things that I and this organization have in common is that we happen to believe in the strength of our people and services, and in the philosophy of providing more value to our clients and candidates. It’s an idea that has and will continue to differentiate Randstad Canada as the country’s market leader in staffing, recruitment and workforce solutions.

I’ll be honest with you, this is a very exciting time to be in the recruitment industry. Canada’s mixed economy in combination with the looming talent shortage tends to draw a lot of media attention and even heightens feelings of uncertainty in the market, but to us, it just means opportunity. Opportunity for clients, for job seekers and for our organization to prepare, to focus and to thrive. In today’s world, it’s not just about finding a job anymore, or about finding someone to fill an empty seat in your office - it’s about knowing how to look and how to find the right opportunities that will unleash your maximum potential.

We understand that there are so many important topics and questions weighing on the minds of Canadian employers and job seekers…. so we want to hear them! Please share your thoughts and comments with us and we’ll continue to share our insightful industry information and exclusive internal expertise with you as we pursue our mission to shape the Canadian world of work. I hope you find this blog to be valuable and insightful and I look forward to the conversation we’re going to have in the coming months and years!

Good to Know You,

Jan Hein Bax

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