Business Analyst Interview Questions

Since the job description of a business analyst may vary from company to company and the Alex France - Uni interview today at Huddersfield [Day 23]requirements for the job many depend on the nature of the business, business analyst interview questions may also vary accordingly.

However, there are some commonly asked business analyst interview questions:

  • What were your responsibilities as a business analyst in your previous job?

  • What business intelligence and reporting tools did you use for your projects? Elaborate on your projects, the business intelligence tools used, the resulting reports, and how you zeroed in on the report-frequency, update-frequency and user-needs.

  • What does it take to make a good business analyst – in terms of skills and temperament?

  • In a scenario where two companies were merging, what would you do to make this merger smooth?

  • Were you in charge of assigning tasks to testers? How did you integrate the results of the testing and how did you coordinate the efforts of your team and the requirements of the management?

  • How are your business communication skills? Is there an instance where you acted as the liason between the development team and client to enable business clarifications?

  • How does “push back” relate to business users and what’s your take on it?

  • When working with specific document requirements, how would you create Use Cases?

  • What is “alternate flow”?

  • How does a business analyst partake in process testing?

While interviewing for business analyst jobs, which might be also be advertised under System Analyst or Engineers Analyst or IT Business Analyst positions, remember to be prepared to answer technical questions. Business Analyst interview questions often pertain to subjects such as risk management, Rational Unified Process, UML modeling, GAP analysis, SDLC methodologies, Traceability Matrix, Interface / Integration Mapping, Black Box and White Box testing, Waterfall Method and Prototyping Model.

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