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Brand Yourself: Tips for New Employees Looking To Make Their Mark In The Workplace

Posted by Dayana Fraser on Thu, May 10, 2012 @ 08:00 AM

First day in a new job? Randstad Canada, the country’s leader for staffing, recruitment and HR Services says this is the prime opportunity to brand yourself; to showcase your talents and social skills in order to increase the potential of standing out in a crowded workforce. When properly executed, personal branding can be a powerful tool for professional success.

Stacy Parker, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Randstad Canada believes personal branding is one of the most important steps new employee’s can take. “Branding is not just for businesses - everyone should brand themselves. The world of work can be so competitive and there is always someone vying for your position. It’s important to increase your awareness of the skills that make you different and most importantly, to take action. Giving one hundred per cent, meeting deadlines and delivering great work is just one part of it – today’s employee has to constantly develop his skills to remain the best in the field,” she says.

So what are some ways to represent your personal brand as a new employee? Parker shares a few tips to jump-start your branding efforts:

1. Be yourself. If you are not a highly sociable person, don’t pretend to be. Emphasize the values and skills that come naturally to you. Before you even think about your personal brand, ask yourself who it is you really are and what you really want out of the job. New employees often create a brand they cannot live up to and it may hinder future advancement within the organization.

2. Tell your story. Once you’re clear on who you are, the next step is being able to communicate that to others. Practice how to concisely and confidently introduce yourself, describe your recent history and your goals. Take the time to practice, practice, practice until you’re comfortable telling your own story.

3. Dress for success. Make sure your personal appearance matches the image you want to project. Find out what kind of clothes are appropriate for your work environment and your position. When in doubt, always err on the side of formality.

4. Widen your business awareness. Keeping up-to-date on new developments or initiatives within the organization will enhance your personal credibility. Businesses are always evolving and showing an interest in business activities can demonstrate extra commitment to the company and towards developing your career.

5. Do great work. If you work hard and build something exceptional, people will take notice. Take pride in what you do; always do great work and your personal brand will begin to build itself.

According to Parker, it’s important to reassess your personal brand regularly. “Your experience, your ideas and your goals will evolve as your career develops, so make sure your personal brand is keeping up,” explains Parker. “Your brand should always be a constantly evolving work in progress.”

About Randstad Canada: Randstad Canada is the Canadian leader for staffing, recruitment and HR Services. As the only fully integrated staffing company in the country, we understand the recruitment needs and demands of employers and job seekers across all levels and industries. Through our insightful knowledge of local markets, employment trends and global network of recruitment experts, we are shaping the Canadian world of work. Visit randstad.ca

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