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Skills Shortage: Survey Says Canadian Employers Have Difficulty Finding the Right Talent


As the country continues to experience skills shortages in key sectors of the economy, Randstad Canada describes the country’s growing shortage of highly skilled labour as critical, predicting shortages in the Manufacturing, Automation and Energy and Utility industries. Supporting this view are findings from Randstad's latest Global Workmonitor, surveying employees in 32 countries around the world, which reveal that Canadian businesses are reporting serious problems finding the workers they need amidst a growing skills shortage.


Jan Hein Bax, President, Randstad Canada says many businesses are experiencing difficulties finding skilled workers to meet their specific needs. “The demographic shift resulting in retirements, a deepening shortfall of skilled workers and the growing mismatch between the skills needed and those available has evolved into an undeniable skills crisis,” he says.

According to survey respondents, two thirds (66%) of Canadian employers have trouble finding the right people for specific jobs. And even more (58%) believe Canadian employers are experiencing problems finding highly qualified people. Additionally, 55 per cent of Canadian employees say they expect a shortage of highly qualified employees within the next three years. While more than half of Canadian respondents also say they expect to see a shortage of staff in specific jobs.

The lack of skilled workers is affecting many of Canada’s sectors, regions and employers, says Bax. “According to our internal figures, Randstad Canada has seen shortages in the Manufacturing, Automation and Energy and Utility industries this year,” he explains. “And within these three industries, the Greater Toronto Area, Montreal and Calgary regions specifically experienced difficulties finding Engineering talent. In terms of roles, draftspersons, mechanical engineers and mechanical designers proved to be the roles that were hardest to fill within the above regions and industries,” adds Bax.

The skilled trades industry is also feeling the effects says Bax. “In Quebec, in particular, we are also seeing strong demand for machinists, electro mechanics, industrial mechanics, welders, and supervisors in industrial management,” he says.

But the skills shortage is a real issue not just in Canada but all over the world. According to the Workmonitor survey results, globally, almost 60 per cent of respondents say employers have difficulties finding the right person for the job. Especially in Brazil, where 71 per cent of employers reportedly have difficulties finding the right talent.

Similarly, finding highly-qualified people is an issue for almost half of the world’s employers. This is less of a problem in Greece, Italy, Spain and Denmark where approximately just one third of employers experience this. Globally, 47 per cent of employees also expect a shortage of highly qualified staff within the next three years, especially employees in Hong Kong (67%),China and India (both 65%). On the other hand, Czech Republic (34%), The Netherlands and Denmark (33%) have the lowest proportion of employees expecting a shortage of highly qualified staff.

According to Bax, the skills shortage is becoming one of the great challenges facing the world of work. “To combat the lack of essential skills, there is a strong need to cultivate continuous learning and employers must invest more into their workforces,” he says. “We need to confront this issue head-on in order to improve the productivity of our workforce.”



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I am assuming that my skill,industrial electrician, doesn't fall into this category as I have been trying for that last 3 year's to persuade Canadian employers to generate a work permit to get things started. Not a glimmer of hope. I am currently trying to progress a skilled worker visa but cic have suspended applications whilst they revamp system. It is frustrating if there is this apparent shortage.
Posted @ Tuesday, October 30, 2012 2:26 PM by steve hutson
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Thank you for contacting Randstad Canada, the country's leading provider in staffing, recruitment and HR services. Please note that we can only assist with your job search after you have relocated to Canada and are eligible to work here. If you want to see the prerequisite for our jobs, we would encourage to visit under the “Find a job” tab.
Posted @ Wednesday, December 05, 2012 11:43 AM by Social Team @Randstad
I find this "labour shortage" idea interesting. In Canada, we currently have more than 1 million unemployed people. I live in the GTA and jobs seem as rare as hens teeth. I, myself, have been looking for over a year for a full-time job. I have over 10 years of experience in my profession. I know other people who are in the same position. So where are all these employers who are desperate for employees? Are there expectations realistic? Are they willing to pay an appropriate salary?
Posted @ Tuesday, March 19, 2013 7:53 AM by Wendy
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