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Experience or Education? What Gets You Hired

Posted by James Rubec on Thu, Jul 04, 2013 @ 08:00 AM

Experience or education? Canadians place high value in experience and temporary work

TORONTO, July 4, 2013 – Findings from Randstad's latest Global Workmonitor, surveying employees in 32 countries around the world, reveal that most Canadians believe experience weighs harder than education in finding a suitable job.

When asked to rate their agreement on the statement “I believe experience weighs harder than education in finding a suitable job,”  84% of Canadians agreed or strongly agreed. Respondents from countries around the world share the same views, especially China (92%), the UK (91%) and India (91%).

“Hiring requirements vary widely depending on field or industry, but the perception is that experience will compensate for for the lack of a degree or diploma. In today’s diversified marketplace, job seekers need to thoroughly research the companies they want to work for, the roles they are targeting, in order to better understand what combination of experience and qualifications is needed to effectively promote themselves and where they need to fill in the gaps.,’’ says Jan Hein Bax, President, Randstad Canada.

Temporary work viewed as a stepping stone

The importance of gaining experience also reflect in job seekers’ perception of temporary work, as 82% of Canadians believe temporary work can be a stepping stone to a permanent job.

“There were many misconceptions related to temporary work; people used to think that you could only find low-paying jobs, or that it would hurt your prospects of getting hired for the long run,” explained Bax.

But the labour market has rapidly evolved, with more Canadian workers choosing to include Temporary Work as part of their career paths.

“Temporary work offers flexibility and an opportunity to gain valuable exposure in the workforce. You can demonstrate your value to an employer, discover new fields of interest, and get a break in a desirable industry,’’ says Jan Hein Bax, President, Randstad Canada.


Recent Canadian labour trendshave also impacted Canadians’ opinions on job security and work tenure. According to the survey, 58% of the Canadians do not believe in job security, a percentage even higher in the US (71%). Not surprisingly, in countries where the economic situation is problematic like Greece (94%), Hungary (93%) and Spain (91%) people agreed most with the statement “In my country there is no such thing as ‘job security’ “.

Furthermore, 89% of Canadians think it is better to have a temporary job than no job at all. Almost all employees across the world agreed, the lowest percentage shows India at 76% and highest Spain (94%).

“In the context of economic uncertainty, many employers rely on a flexible workforce to remain competitive in the market. For talented candidates, temporary work is a good way to stay employed while keeping their skills sharp,’’ adds Bax.

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The Randstad Workmonitor

The Randstad Workmonitor was launched in 2003, and now covers 32 countries around the world, encompassing Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Americas. The Randstad Workmonitor is published four times a year, making both local and global trends in mobility regularly visible over time.

The quantitative study is conducted via an online questionnaire among a population aged 18-65, working a minimum of 24 hours a week in a paid job (not self-employed). The minimal sample size is 400 interviews per country, using Survey Sampling International. The 2nd wave of 2013 was conducted between 18 April and 3 May 2013.

To read more about this survey, please see our previous blog post on youth employment versus older work employment here, or our most recent blog post on the value of experience over education here. 

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