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Labour Day job search boost: 7 ways to make yourself more employable

Posted by Marie-Noelle M on Wed, Sep 04, 2013 @ 08:00 AM

TORONTO, September 4, 2013 – Labour Day marks the end of summer holidays, and for those currently in search of a job, it is an opportunity to jumpstart your job search. As September is a strong period for hiring, and always a time of renewal, Randstad Canada, the country's leader for staffing, recruitment and HR Services, shares 7 ways for job seekers to build up their own personal brand and make themselves more employable.  

Jan Hein Bax, President, Randstad Canada says this period of year can provide great opportunities to give your job search a much needed boost.  “If you’ve been looking for work and you’re not getting many interviews or job offers, you need to re-evaluate your strategy and do more to stand out,’’ he says.

“Today, paying attention to your online presence and image is essential in building up a strong personal brand. But building your employee profile also means nurturing your professional relationships, enhancing your skills and industry knowledge, and setting clear career goals,” adds Bax.

Bax offers the following ways to help jobseekers make connections, get motivated and get closer to landing a new job.

1-    Network, network, network: Networking is still one of the best ways to land a new job, and it can happen anywhere. We meet people every day. Talk to a variety of people and exchange contact information. Making those meetings important and following up with the people you meet is imperative to translating introductions into job offers. If you meet a series of people at an event and you got their business cards, consider writing their names down in a list and ensuring you follow up with that list within two or three days of your first meeting. Connect with them on Twitter and Linkedin. Following up with these people and building a strong rapport will develop a relationship and that relationship can turn into real work.

2-    Make a plan: What do you want to be doing next year, three years and five years down the line? How are you going to get there? Write your plan down and begin to shape your life, this exercise will help give you the foresight to answer some interesting questions in interviews and give you a path to follow in your career progression.

3-    Learn a new skill: Continued learning and evidence of it is an incredible asset. Showing that you are pushing your boundaries and can learn shows an employer that you are a flexible growing asset that will increase in value with time.

4-    Refresh your information: If you are applying to jobs and not getting very much response, put yourself in an employer’s shoes and look at your resume. How does it stack up in comparison to your competition? If you don’t know, consider asking for help from a local resource, a recruiter or a friend in your industry. Update your resume with new experience, skills, or information; update your cover letter format to reflect any changes or to include new examples of your accomplishments and goals.​ And don’t forget to update the biographical information on your social networks! These resources are potential job-search gold mines, make sure your online pages are up to date!

5-    Research: Write down everything you know about your industry. Compiling all of the knowledge you have about the industry you are applying for will bring your work history and experience to the front of your mind. Consider thinking about where and how you learned what you learned as well. Read and contribute to group discussions related to your field on Linkedin, and connect to influencers in your industry on Twitter to be on top of trends and news.

6-    Share your story: Your resume and the interview process need to be about differentiating yourself from other candidates. Connecting your work history, your education and your personal goals and endeavours will help produce a full picture of who you are and why you want to work with a specific company. Showing how your ambitions align with a business’s can help get you noticed.

7-    Get involved in your community: Getting involved in your community will allow you to enhance your profile, put you on more people’s radar and it could ultimately open doors. Make sure you choose groups or associations that reflect your values and that emphasize your professional skills.  




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