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Business with a Conscience: Why Corporate Volunteerism Makes Good Business Sense

Posted by Dayana Fraser on Thu, Dec 08, 2011 @ 08:00 AM

TORONTO, December 8, 2011 – According to Randstad the Canada, the country’s leader for staffing, recruitment and HR Services, organizations need to look at corporate social responsibility and corporate volunteering as activities that make good business sense. According to Jan Hein Bax, President of Randstad Canada “adopting corporate responsibility programs and policies will go a long way towards enhancing an employees’ engagement level with their company as well as build a good reputation in the marketplace,” he says.

As highlighted in the 2007 Canada Survey of Business Contributions to Community (CSBCC), a research report that surveyed  over 1,500 Canadian businesses, 82% of respondents reported that they support employee volunteering programs.  “And in today’s competitive business environment, organizations that solely focus on the bottom line, risk being undermined by competitors who take a more socially responsible approach to generating profits,” says Bax.

According to Bax there are many factors that explain why more and more organizations are making corporate responsibility a priority and getting involved in community support projects. "While putting in place socially responsible initiatives may improve a company’s reputation and image, but it also goes much father than that. It helps companies strengthen their relationship with their community and it also betters the organizational culture", says Bax.

"At Randstad Canada, contributing to society as a whole is part of our DNA. Ove rthe years we have developed a comprehensive corporate social responsibility strategy, where volunteering has a large role to play.  For example, we partner with CUSO-VSO, a non-profit organization that offers our employees the opportunity to work in developing countries. Another great example is our partnership with the Breakfast Clubs of Canada. We have employees who volunteer each week to serve breakfast at participating schools,’’ explains Bax.

Although implementing these initiatives can require greater flexibility and coordination from an employer, the impact on employee morale and engagement is priceless. It can lead to increased job satisfaction, enhanced job skills and a better awareness of opportunities that can benefit the business and the community, as well as the professional and personal development of the employee.

"Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills or hone existing ones. Leadership, organizational, managerial, communications, and interpersonal skills are a few examples of key competencies that we use on a daily basis that can be further developed through volunteering. It can also help employees further develop their capacity to listen, understand and anticipate needs, which is instrumental to achieving business success,” says Bax.

As shown through Randstad Canada’s own research and also through internal surveys, employees and jobseekers alike say they’d like to work for employers that care about society. Bax says, “It’s clear that people want to make a positive impact on their community. So it’s important for today’s organizations to be in tune with these values in order to attract the best and the brightest talent they need to propel their business forward.’’

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