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Development Recruitment Webinar:

Learn how to recruit top IT talent from
an industry innovator


Watch - Why JAVA Will Never Die.


“You’ve never heard anyone speak about developers or programming like this before.” says, Scott Mackinnion, Randstad Canada Vice President of Western Canada. “It will open your eyes to the future of this industry. 


✔ Insights into Developers and Programming from Leo Meyerovich PhD. CS

  • The differences between developers in Gen Y, Gen X and others
  • Insights into the future of programming
  • How programming languages grow to becoming popular and widely used.


✔ Insights in Recruitment from Scott Mackinnon, Vice President, Western Canada at Randstad Canada

  • Learn how to recruit the best development talent
  • Where to find leading IT Talent
  • Market insights in Technologies in Canada


Learn 4 Reasons Why JAVA Will Never Die and more about this webinar topic.


About the Speaker 


Leo Meyerovich PhD. CS.

• The founder of Graphistry Inc.

• PhD from UC Berkeley

Google Tech Talker




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