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Rafal Wegiel Nominates - Ania Basak


Ania Basak is one of the most influential women in fashion&beauty industry in the province of Alberta - coming just over 5 years ago straight from Europe - now proudly Canadian, Ania is helping women, men, organization feeling & looking their best by improving their look. She supports events and functions all over our city and province - giving feedback to the community.

Moreover, she is the founder of Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign - started in 2012, when Calgary has been chosen as the cultural capital of the year, with the aim of featuring TOP30 Ambassadors who are shaping the cultural scene within our city, province and our country(including Premier of Alberta, W.Brett Willson and many more). This year she linked the campaign with Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra - raising funds for their non-profit organization - Musical Camps for Kids and help create awareness around that.

Guest speaker for BPW - Calgary Chapter, Brand Ambassador for Guerlain Paris, only one Canadian media representing both Canada&Europe at New Jersey Fashion Week(later Fashion&Beauty Week in NJ). Believing in giving back - proudly volunteer at YMCA for over 4 years and Bikram Hot Yoga.


Jess Mace Nominates - Carole Mace


Carole, who is a supervisor at Enbridge Consumer gas, and also my mother, works hard to bring the spirit of the holidays to her office. She is the one that organizes a giant food-drive for the entire Gatineau-branch of the company and helps raise thousands of dollars worth of food for families in need in the region. She also demonstrates her involvement in participating in the Ottawa Mayors pancake breakfast, and has been serving pancakes outside of city hall for years! These are only 2 examples of her community involvement, but she helps out year round with volunteer work around the city. She is a wonderful role model, but an even more inspiring member of this community and she deserves to be recognized for all the hard work that she does year after year, for her company and for the community.


Maria Doumanas Nominates - Kealey Dunlop


Kealey is the most inspiring female that I know. She has been able to complete a masters degree in social work through her first pregnancy. She was able to go to school and work while having received a scholarship for her high grades. She is also very involved in the community as a board member, she is very involved with the organization of fundraiser events amongst other things. Through her struggles she is still able to connect to so many people and bring joy to their lives while living life with such dedication. 


Michelle Nominates - Judy McDougall


Judy McDougall is known in the industry for her ethics, integrity and customer service excellence.

As President of Welcomehome Relocations, Judy has her hands full with leading and managing the growth of WHR and its network of consultants across Canada. Be that as it may, Judy has in this past year also made an additional commitment to giving back even more to the community, as well as increasing her participation in CERC. She does this while also having to deal with a serious and ongoing personal family challenge. Those who know Judy know that she conducts herself with grace and compassion.

In the past year, Judy made it her mandate to directly get involved with charities of our choosing. She put together a team of runners to fundraise and participate in the Sears Great Canadian Run (Relay to End Kids Cancer) from Toronto to Blue Mountain, and raised over $2,000 for that worthy cause. Furthermore, she championed the cause of Heart & Stroke and through various fund-raising events and corporate challenges, donated over $6,500 to the Heart & Stroke Foundation (4th highest in York Region) and through her challenges of others was also responsible for raising the awareness and donations from other corporate entities.

This past year also saw Judy take on a more participative and contributory role within the CERC. A member for the last 15 years, Judy travelled to Calgary from Toronto to be the speaker at a CERC Breakfast Seminar in June, and spoke at a similar Breakfast Seminar in Toronto.


Women Shaping Business Nomination: Janet Lowe


Anna LeoneTammy Burke Nominates - Janet Lowe

I met Janet when she began working at Coffey Geotechnics in 2010 as the Manager of the Environmental business unit.  Within a short time, she turned the group of 30 into a well oiled machine that was the envy of the Canadian organization.  An opportunity arose where Janet was asked to take on the leadership of the entire Canadian group - over 160 staff, and $20M in revenue.  Quickly she was able to make hard decisions and turn the losing business units into a more profitable group.  As a leader she was very collaborative in style - getting input from others before making her final decision.  She never shirked the responsibilities of the role - despite the difficult nature of the decisions she faced.  Janet went out of her way to meet and get to know all staff - even staying late at night to speak with Field Technicians who only came in after 6:00 p.m.  As the first women Vice President of the Canadian organization, she exemplified the behaviours that should be present in all great leaders - understanding of business issues; compassion for people and fearless decision making ability.


Women Shaping Business Nomination: Cynthia Taylor-Iwankow


Tammy Burke Nominates - Cynthia Taylor-Iwankow 

I am nominating Cynthia Taylor-Iwankow who is our leader and mentor in the It Works Business. She has worked her way up to Presidential Diamond in the company and works every minute of the day to help her team of men and women all over the world achieve their dreams and goals. She is an Icon in the industry, set apart by others because of her willingness and desire to see others succeed. She not only holds meetings monthly, but is a phone call, email or text away for everyone on her team, and believe me our team is huge! She sets a standard for all of us to follow with the biggest heart, open mind and passion for us all.

She is a true leader, people are attracted to her instantly because of her amazing personality! She is the true meaning of Entrepeneur, but is humbled every day by her team and all our efforts. The amount of time and effort she puts into each and every one of us is insurmountable. I cannot say enough about her and how she has changed the lives of so many people starting their own business. My life is forever changed and am blessed to have her in my life personally and business wise. She deserves this more than anyone I know! Countless people would not be where they are in this business if we did not have her as our leader 

Women Shaping Business Nomination - Nazanin Afshin-Jam


A major inspiration to me would be Nazanin Afshin-Jam - Official page. She is an advocate for women all around the world! I first met Nazanin in Air Cadets when we were growing up. Since then she has done so much good for this world.

Check out her fan page and you will know exactly what I'm talking about. Wishing her much success and happiness and a BIG congratulations to her on the birth of her so : ).

Child Care in Canada


Child Care in Canada

In an upcoming survey that Randstad Canada commissioned, performed by Ipsos Reid we saw that 61% of women managers and executives say that managing work and family is their biggest obstacle in career progression. Given that, we need to look at what that obstacle means.

One major part of that obstacle is child care and where you live in Canada can determine how great an obstacle that really is. Childcare is fundamental to the working success of single mothers, but it is also important for the majority of modern families, where two parents are working full time. In some regions childcare can be as expensive as college tuition, which on a young family can be an enormous economic burden.

The nation’s child care network and the programs available to families aren’t built equally. Which province has the best system is up for debate, but the one that is most simple to understand would be Quebec’s. The Quebec government recognizes three types of subsidized daycare services, available to parents and has made them available at a cost of $7 per child per day. They are: childcare centres, day care centres, and home childcare providers. With a system that costs $35 a week, Quebec’s is the most affordable.

National Child Care Benefits



Child Tax Credit (CTC)

Each family can claim certain amount per child under 18.

Children's Fitness Credit (CFC)

Parents can claim up to $500 per child under 16

Children's Art Credit (CAC)

Parents can claim up to $500 per child under 16

Child Care Deduction (CCD)

Up to $5,000 per child under 7 and $,3000 per child over 7

Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB)

Receive $100/mth/child under 6

Child Disability Benefit (CDB)

Tax-free benefit up to $2,626/year/child under 18

Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB)

$119.14/mth/child under 18, additional $8.33 for third each additional child

Canada Child Tax Benefit (Alberta)

$110/under 7; $117.41/7-11; $131.41/12-15; $139.16/16-17

National Child Benefit Supplement (NCBS)



$185.08 for first child; $163.66 for second; $155.75 for each additional



On top of national child care programs, the provinces also administer their own through the Canadian Revenue Agency. Each of these has their own requirements that limit their engagement by income bracket or location. Additionally there are some programs that are ran outside of the CRA, primarily by Quebec, an example is their $7 a day program.

Provincial Child Care Benefit Program

Provincial administered by CRA


Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit

$728 for first child; $662 for second; $397 for third; $132 for fourth

BC Family Bonus

Up to $111 per child per month

BC Earned Income Benefit

Family earned annual income more than $3,750 may be entitled.

New Brunswick Child Tax Benefit

Up to $20.83/child/month

New Brunswick School Supplement

$100/month for children born between 1996-2008

Newfoundland and Labrador Child Benefit

$30.33 for first child; $32.16 for second; $34.58 for third; $37.08 for each additional

Newfoundland and Labrador Mother Baby Nutrition Supplement

Up to $60/mth/child under 1

Northwest Territories Child Benefit

Basic benefit of $27.50/mth/child

NWT Territorial Worker's supplement

$22.91 for one; $29.16 for two or more

Nova Scotial Chlid Benefit

$52.08 for first; $68.75 for second; $75.00 for additional

Nunavut Child Benefit


Nunavut Territorial Worker's Supplement

$22.91 for one; $29.61 for tw or more

Ontario Child Benefit

Up to $100.38 per child

Yukon Child Benefit

Up to $57.50 per child



Provincial not administered by CRA


Quebec Child Assistance Payments

Dependent on family income

Quebec Child Handicap Supplement


Manitoba Child Benefit

Actual family income and actual benefits only determined follwing individual assessment of each application

Saskatchewan Child Care Subsidies



Subsidy amounts calculated by gross family income, family size, age of child, location of child care facility, actual fee charged




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